The "Woodpecker" flute is the same key of "A" as the Black Bear, but with a square top and woodpecker fetish. If you prefer the woodpecker on a round top flute, that is also available upon request.

In many tribal cultures, the woodpecker is credited with giving the flute to the tribe as an instrument. He shows a young man how to take a limb from a tree and carve it to the exact dimensions and manner so that it will play delightful music, for courting a young lady. For that reason, the woodpecker is held in high esteem.

This flute is shown here made of eastern juniper, or aromatic cedar. It is in the key of A minor, and has a medium, bright tonal quality. This flute is also available in walnut or yellow poplar, both bright sounding, hard woods.

This flute is 18 inches long. The finger holes are no more than 1" apart, so it is a very easy flute for ladies and anyone with a smaller hand. It is also very popular as a backpacking, trekking, or travel flute, due to its shorter size. 

Aromatic Cedar