The Drone flutes are unique double flutes. This flute plays the normal scale of notes, in this case A minor, on the left side, and a constant base note, on this flute A, on the right side. The sound is like two flute players playing in harmony.

The drone side can be played in two octaves, a lower A and with a little more pressure an A one octave higher, without using fingers. The left side plays the same way as a single flute would play.

The mouthpiece has two separate blowing holes, so that you can play the melody without playing the chord base on the drone side.

The fetish on the melody side is the signature "Two Ravens" bird, while the drone side is a more abstract bird.


The Drone is available in aromatic cedar, pictured here, as well as walnut.

Price $ 129.

"Two Ravens Drone A"

Aromatic Cedar

$ 129