$ 49.00

"Two Ravens A"

The "Two Ravens" is our namesake flute. It is designed for all size hands and is especially suited to smaller hands, because the spacing between the note holes is one inch and less. This also makes it an ideal ladies' flute.

The flute is tuned to the key of "A" and the pentatonic scale is A Minor. This is a medium tone, with a clear, mellow, bright voice.

The flute pictured here is shown in American walnut, which is a high density, hard wood, which makes it very durable. This is a great trekking, travel and backpacking flute. The fetish is cedar.

This flute is also available in aromatic cedar and yellow poplar. 

The fetish is a hand-carved image of two ravens in flight, which is inspired by the name given to Bob during a Choctaw sweat lodge ceremony. The raven is a wise, cunning, playful bird, and a companion to man.

The flute is $49.