What if? ....... solutions!

Cannot get any sound:
a) Make sure the fetish is in the proper position and tied down tightly. See the photo on the "How to Play" page for proper fetish placement.
b) Be sure that the fetish is straight on the "nest" so that the air flow can pass along the air passage.

The sound is weak or buzzy:
a) Be sure the fetish is in the proper alignment.
b) Moisture buildup can cause this problem, so you might need to remove the fetish and check for moisture and dry the air passage before continuing.

The low or high notes break to a high note or is squeaky:
a) Be sure you are covering all the finger holes completely.
b) Do not blow as hard.

The flute sounds off-key:
a) Make sure all of the fingering holes are completely closed.
Play flat-fingered using more of the fleshy part of your fingers.
b) If the note sounds flat, increase the air pressure when blowing. If it sounds sharp, decrease the air pressure.