‚ÄčThis is a great beginner flute. It is perfect for beginning flute players because the distance between the holes is less than our standard size flute. That said, many experienced players have a "Songbird" in A to complement another symphonic G scale flute.

The distance between sound holes is only an inch or less, which makes it a perfect ladies flute, or anyone with hands which have a hard time spanning a wider distance between holes.

This flute is tuned to the key of "A". The pentatonic scale created by this 6-hole flute is A minor. This is a mid-range A, and it has a crisp, voluminous voice. It is bright and airy, and sounds great out of doors. 

I make the "Songbird" in three different woods: eastern juniper, or aromatic cedar, is a mellow tone wood with interesting grain and knot patterns. Black walnut is a dark, heavy, smooth wood with a bright, vibrant tone. It is a hard wood, which makes it excellent for backpacking or other rough activity. Yellow poplar is another bright, clear toned wood, lighter in color but also a hard, durable wood. 

‚ÄčThis flute is 18" long, 7/8" inside diameter bore, and sells for $49.00.


Aromatic Cedar