The "Grizzly Bear" is a wonderful flute, one of our most popular. It is designed for medium size hands and larger, because the spacing between the note holes is just over one inch.

The flute is tuned to the key of "G" and the pentatonic scale is G Minor. This is a medium tone, with a clear, mellow, robust voice.

The flute pictured here is shown in eastern juniper, or aromatic cedar, which is a medium density wood with very interesting grain patterns.

This flute is also available in Walnut, pictured left, and yellow poplar, pictured right. This flute is also available in a square top variation, pictured lower right.

The fetish is a hand-carved bear which is inspired by the power and ferocity of the grizzly, and at the same time, speed and grace.‚Äč

The flute is $59.




Aromatic Cedar

"Grizzly Bear"