Golden Eagle is another "G" flute with a body the same as the "Grizzly Bear," but with a golden eagle fetish.

The flute is 23 1/2" long, and the finger spacing is the same as the Grizzly Bear, just a little over an inch between finger holes, so it takes a medium to large hand to play comfortable. That said, many people with smaller hands play it very comfortably with a little practice.

The Golden Eagle is shown here in eastern juniper, or aromatic cedar, and it is also available in walnut and yellow poplar, also pictured with burly maple fetish.

‚ÄčThe walnut and the yellow poplar have a bright, crisp sound, while the cedar is more mellow and sweet sounding.

‚ÄčThis is a 6-hole flute, but like all our flutes, it comes with a leather strap to cover the fourth hole to convert it to a 5-hole flute for ease of play.



Aromatic Cedar

"Golden Eagle"