Bob & Jodie live in the small community of Marathon, in the heart of the Big Bend region of mountainous west Texas.  As the gateway to Big Bend National Park, Marathon is at the hub of a multi-cultural region, steeped in romantic history of paleo-Americans, Spanish and Mexican culture, cowboys and art.

​Woodworkers and photographers, Bob and Jodie have owned studios in New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, but as native Texans, there's no place like home.  The lifestyle of a small Texas town provides the backdrop for a pace that makes for attention to detail, and individual custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

Bob learned flutemaking from both archeologists who had uncovered ancient instruments, and native craftsmen, over 30 years ago, and his art and design have evolved over many years.  Bob's wife Jodie is also a wood crafter and designs and carves the fetishes that give the flutes individual character and spirit.